SAMPLE (SMS Audition - Intermediate)

Question 1-4 refer the following information.

This book was written by the authors to help amateurs learn basic computer programming language. It simplifies important concepts using detailed explanation, examples, _____, screenshots and illustrations.


A   B   C   D   

A. stories

B. diagrams

C. riddles

D. narration

It also provides ______ practical exercises that the reader can accomplish and apply in simple computing tasks.


A   B   C   D   

A. more than

B. a lot

C. plenty of

D. larger

More resources are available at, _____ accessed free using the log-in details at the end of this page.


A   B   C   D   

A. that are

B. where it is

C. could be

D. which may be

READ ABOVE 3 ARTICLE. What is a preface?


A   B   C   D   

A. A printed disclaimer on the back of a product.

B. An apology to the customer.

C. A short introduction before the text of a book.

D. A biographical article on an author.

Question 5 and 6.
Select the best response to the question or statement and mark the letter (A), (B), (C) on your answer sheet.


A   B   C   [Answer]


A   B   C   [Answer]

Questions 7 through 8 refer to the following conversation.

What kind of transportation will John take?


A   B   C   D   [Answer]

A. A taxicab

B. A train

C. A bus

D. His car

8. What station should John go?


A   B   C   D   

A. Penville station

B. Pennsylvanian station

C. Penny station

D. Penn station

Question 9 and 10
After listening to all four statements, you must select the one statement that best describes what you see in the picture.



A   B   C   D   [Answer]



A   B   C   D   [Answer]